Modified Wolf

Role: Although dangerous, this creature does not seem to be being used as a weapon of war, instead wandering the countryside uncontrolled. As the invaders killed the creature rather than recovering it, it may well have been an experiment released or lost into the wilderness. This would suggest that it is unique, although this remains purely speculation.

Appearance: Externally this creature appeared like a giant insect, with six limbs, a bulbous head with compound eyes, and a matt, dark brown chitinous covering. This have been revealed to be a suit of armour for the wolf inside, which upon autopsy was found to be heavily modified and injected with artificial hormones, proteins, and stimulants, as well as cybernetically linked to the armour. Advanced sepsis and partial necrosis suggests the animal had been in poor condition for at least several weeks, if not months, and that injections from the armour kept it alive.

Interaction History: First encountered by locals and UN Peacekeepers in Chechnya, later captured by Strike Team One before being killed by an alien vessel.

Combat Capabilities: Powerful limbs and resilient, flexible armour make this a dangerous combatant, especially given its propensity for ambushes.

Modified Wolf

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