Operation Icarus

Pride and Prejudice

In a remote corner of Chechnya, a beast preyed upon the local farmers and villagers, striking during the night with no witnesses and no body to be found. Strike Team One agreed to assist the UN Peacekeepers in tracking and dealing with the creature.
Heading south from Itum-Kayle, the team ventured into the foothills of the Caucasian mountains, escorted by peacekeepers and a local guide. Basing their hunt upon the creature’s prior movements, they were able to discover a recent victim. His body, along with that of two of his goats, was found battered and broken, floating at the bottom of a waterfall. His neighbour was seen safely returning to the village.
Ascending through the rapidly deteriorating weather, the team carried on as night fell, hoping to catch the creature before it could strike again. Panicked goats alerted them to its presence, preventing a potential ambush, and the creature was rapidly trapped and restrained by a volley of adhesive grenades. Informing Icarus Command of their accomplishment, the team settled in to await collection.
Arriving silently and invisibly, its presence marked only by the deflection of the driving sleet covering the mountains, an alien craft killed the creature and landed to inspect the kill. A member of the crew disembarked to analyse the creature’s corpse, and was also captured by Strike Team One when it responded in alarm to their presence. Attempts to then board the alien ship were thwarted by its departure, although this allowed contact to be regained with Icarus Command to update them regarding the team’s accomplishments.
The remains of the dead creature, and the captive alien soldier along with its equipment, have been returned to Geneva for investigation.

Items Recovered
Corpse of Alien Creature
– Bisected by heavy railgun fire, much of the creature and its armour remains intact and suitable for investigation.
Restrained Alien Soldier
– Recovered alive along with several items of equipment and weapons.

Intelligence Gathered
Alien Vessel
– Contains at least one crew member, either with others yet to be seen or equipped with intelligent or remote control flight systems.
– Primary armament is turret-mounted.
Alien Soldier
– Tool-using and apparently intelligent, was capable of (non-English) communication and logical behaviour when trapped.
– Utilised a scanning device which affected the team’s implants.
– Equipped with a rail rifle.
Alien Creature
– Revealed to be a terrestrial wolf, altered by unknown biochemical compounds, cybernetic enhancements and implants similar to the teams’, then sealed within a suit of the alien bioplastic armour. The animal was clearly ill and distressed, perhaps leading to its bizarre behavioural patterns.

Dramatis Personae
– A local guide / freedom fighter of dubious reputation, he assisted the team in tracking down the creature but was clearly overwhelmed when faced with the aliens.


Imbris Imbris

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