Lucas Lloyd

6'9" of texan meat


Standing 6’ 9" in his socks, Lucas cuts an imposing figure. Tall, broad, and well-built, he dwarfs most other men. Hard muscle, hard eyes, and a strong jaw tend to give people pause for thought.

He’s usually quite relaxed, moving like a panther through the jungle – nothing he sees gives him cause for concern, and that comes across very plainly. Blunt, plain-spoken, and frankly slightly offensive, Corporal Lloyd is sort of like marmite. You either love him or hate him. And he stains people’s clothes really badly.


His aptitude for channelled violence has led him on an interesting career, starting with some brief service in the US Army, followed by a stint in the Navy SEALS.

Enjoying the physical challenge of the SEALS, but not the secrecy and long deployments, he finished his tour and crossed the pond to the EU, serving as a NATO seaman in Operation Ocean Shield, aboard the USS Kauffman.

During his tour there, he came across several mercenaries working through PMCs (Private Military Corporations), and got to hearing about the better pay, better gear, better.. you get the picture. As soon as his tour with NATO ended, he signed up. Now, hopping around the globe killing interesting people in interesting ways, word comes his way of some new kind of war, with the concomitant opportunity of getting his hands on some bleeding edge killing hardware.

Grab your gun, Jeb. We’s huntin’ aliens.

Lucas Lloyd

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