Welcome to Operation Icarus.

In the year 2017, it has become an undeniable fact that the planet Earth is under attack from an unknown enemy. Bizarre phenomena affect the upper atmosphere, aircraft and ships vanish without warning, and the world’s computer networks are assaulted from within.

While most the events individually can be attributed to misfortune or the current unusual solar activity, confirmed reports by military personnel from around the world have confirmed the presence of mysterious drone-like assailants at the scenes of several such events which demonstrate distinctly non-terrestrial capabilities. Further unconfirmed civilian reports have caused outbreaks of panic and accusations of conspiracy by the media and the general public.

Following months of discussion by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), a multinational operation has been started to allow for the coordination of those countries most able to act in defence of themselves and their neighbours by contributing manpower, technological or industrial capability.

The existence of Operation Icarus is public knowledge, as is its reason for existence. However, its capabilities, resources and operational details are kept top secret. Most prospective personnel present their applications through their chain of command if military, or via contacts within one of the commercial or academic partners of the Operation.

Each of you have been accepted to the first recruitment stage, and been requested to make travel arrangements for Geneva Airport in Switzerland. Please ensure you bring all the requested documentation, as well as sufficient clothing etc. for a stay of one week. Your return travel arrangements will be made for you, and we look forward to your arrival.

Operation Icarus

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